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Students interested in combining legal studies with advanced training in another field have a number of exciting options both within Harvard University and at other institutions around the world.

The Law School offers the following joint degree programs:

In addition, opportunities to design a concurrent degree program are available to students interested in combining the J.D. with a graduate degree from a Harvard school with which we do not have a joint degree program or with another institution. Students also may cross-register into courses at other Harvard schools as well as at MIT and the Fletcher School.

For students who want to broaden their legal education beyond the study of law in the United States, the Law School offers a JD/LLM with the Cambridge University Faculty of Law in the U.K. and formal study-abroad programs with law schools in Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Sydney, Australia; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile and Johannesberg, South Africa. Students may also choose to spend a semester at other foreign law schools meeting study-abroad program requirements.

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